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Large Ensemble Works

Cold Wind in a Fallow FieldOrchestra5m30s
Iron Ore MelodyWind Ensemble6m45s
and yet, and yet...Concert Choir5m30s
Dowland's Lachrimae AntiquaeSymphonic Orchestration2m30s

Chamber Works

Miyakobushi EtudeShinobue duet2m30s
The Rippling Surface of a Lake of IronInstr. Variablevrbl.
The Meditations of Guan YinInstr. Variablevrbl.
Sonata in B-flatErhu and Piano10m30s
The Five-Flower StoryBalinese Gamelan Instr.4m30s
Sanjo Gayageum Long PoemsSanjo Gayageum10m
Chamber Symphony in Sinawi-JoKorean Instrument Ensemble13m
K ComplexGayageum Quartet4m30s
Sanjo Gayageum PoemsSanjo Gayageum8m
Bass Lauwiliwilinukunuku'oi'oiUnacc. Contrabassoon4m30s
SyncretismsWW Quintet (Fl/Ob/Cl/Hn/Bsn)
and Marimba(4 Mall.; Low-A)
String Quartet in Three Fugal MovementsString Quartet14m
Four HaikuFlute and Marimba (Four Mallets;
Low-A or Five-Octave)
Square Pegsvarious solo instruments7m
Mallet DuetVibraphone and Marimba
(Low-A; Both Two Mallets)
Divertimento for Oboe and PianoOboe and Piano4m45s

"New Media" Works
      See my Intermedia/Electroacoustic/Performance Art site here.