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String Quartet
in three fugal movements
I. 3m30s

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Jonathan Chu and Shannon Thomas, Violins; Whitney Bullock, Viola; Jay Tilton, Cello

II. 6m30s
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III. Passacaglia-Fugue 3m30s

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Lucas Scalamonga and Maria Romero, Violins; Colin Meinecke, Viola; Cara Stroud, Cello


My first string quartet came about because of what will probably turn out to be a lifelong fascination with the fugue.  While none of the movements is in strict fugue form, each explores elements of contrapuntal writing in novel ways that nonetheless respect fugal tradition.  Expressive throughout, this remains one of my more popular pieces.

The photograph of the watch used in the banner at the top of this page was taken by my father, Tom Seymour. You can see more of his excellent clock and watch photography at his website.


Violin I
Violin II