Experimental / Multimedia / INTERACTIVE
Projects and Collaborations


Electroacoustic pieces and other works requiring special technology have always been a part of my compositional output.

Microtonal Music
  Suite of short pieces, 1-3 minutes each
  Performed live on electronics, or prepared as two-channel audio files.

Music for the Honolulu Museum of Art
  Two pieces for variable acoustic instrumentation, and of variable length.
  Designed for specific acoustic spaces at the HMA, but adaptable to other environments.

The Ground Began to Sing
  Video with two-channel audio, 1m30s

Little Knocking Piece
  Two-channel audio, 0m55s

Journey through a Bold and Gentle Land
  Live performance with video projection
  Instrumentation and duration are flexible

Landless Landscape
  Two-channel audio, 1m10s