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Computer Assisted Composition in Equal Tunings and the Thirteen-Tone March
Paper on Microtonal Music (2007)
View or download:   jcseymour_13tones.pdf   (125kb)

This essay:

- describes the technological method I used to create a working environment for creating music with equal tunings in divisions of the octave other than 12.

- makes some general comments on the tuning of thirteen equal tones.

- presents a partial analysis of my own composition in this tuning, the 13-tone March.

- concludes with an aesthetic discussion of the reasons for writing tonal music in such tunings, and the results of the project.

The entire text is available as a .pdf here: jcseymour_13tones.pdf. An abridged version was featured at the 2007 ICMC, and is publishd in the 2007 ICMC Proceedings.