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Journey through a Bold and Gentle Land
improvisatory work of flexible duration and instrumentation
Stream: 7m15s

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Begin your Journey on page one... create sound that expresses each step of your Jounrey...

Under all its hackneyed poetry and pseudo-mystical pretense, Journey asks the performers to interpret a series of seven images however they choose. Unlike most graphic scores, however, this one is projected so that the audience can see it as well. Even the instructions to the performers are displayed to the audeince, dressed up in excessive calligraphy befitting the piece's mock-spiritual mood.

Page One of the Journey. My apologies for the watermarks; as jejune as these images are, I do want to hang onto them.

Page Four of the Journey

Improvisatory piece for any combination of performers.
The images should be projected such that the audience and the performers can see them.

Created Using

Images created with ink and dye on paper