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and yet, and yet...
Full Choir, 5m30s

Three haiku by the Japanese poet Issa (1763 - 1827) are set in English* to a listless, ephemeral score for unaccompanied choir.

wild geese, hush your cry
wherever you go, it's the same
this floating world
in vain, useless weeds
do you stretch still further
the day also stretches

this world of dew
a world of dew it is indeed
and yet, and yet...

The three poems are set in the order above in one continuous movement. Throughout, there is a textless recurring theme that turns out to be the melody given to the key line of the final poem.

Although this is an early work, my interest in intensely static textures can already be heard, this time inspired by the text of the poems.  I would go on to explore this kind of writing again in the second movement of my String Quartet and in Cold Wind in a Fallow Field.


Soprano (at least two)
Alto (at least two)
Tenor (at least two)

Sounds best with several on each part. SAT parts split into two at some points. Keyboard reduction is provided for rehearsal; use in performance is not preferable, but allowable.

*Translations are by the composer and may be distributed freely.