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About This Site

What's the purpose of the site?

How do I order scores?

There's a page about that here.

Why are the recordings free?

None of them are professionally recorded. You take what you can get as a not-yet-established composer. (Currently I'm undertaking a project to re-record all of my flute repertoire in a studio setting. Results will be posted as the sessions are mastered.)

Why are the performers' names sometimes not listed?

I enjoyed working with all of my performers and all were enthusiastic about playing, but in many cases the performers were not able to spend as much time with this music as they would, for example, their audition or recital repertoire. I want to avoid the situation in which a performer who was gracious enough to spare some time for my music is embarrassed to have their name online attached to a less-than-perfect performance. However, I am in the process of talking with my performers about this and many are granting permission to use their name.

Why is this website split into Acoustic and "New Media" pages?

Although I work comfortably in both the traditional compositional medium (producing scores for performers of standard instruments) and in the some of the exciting "new media" fields (interactive, audiovisual, electroacoustic, etc.), I recognize that they often appeal to different sensibilities, so I "market" myself differently as a composer of symphonic and chamber works than I do as a creater of experimental new performance art projects.

Why aren't there any dates listed with the compositions?

I don't believe this music "expires" and, to discourage people from categorically dismissing music from several years ago, I don't make the dates of my compositions readily available. I don't have anything to hide, though, and if you really, really need to know, send me an e-mail. If I do find that a piece should no longer be considered for performance I take it off of the site.